Reliable and competitive vehicle servicing and repairs

JVS Engineer Dalbeattie offers competitively-priced and reliable vehicle servicing on all makes and models of cars and light commercials up to 7.5 tonnes. 

A Full JVS Engineer Service includes: Oil and filter change, new spark plugs (petrol), new air filter, new filter (diesels), top-up all levels, remove all wheels to inspect, clean, adjust and report on brakes, check steering, suspension for wear, check tyres for wear, damage and pressures, check underside of vehicle, check and adjust fan belts, check and fix lights, fill out and stamp service record book.

  • Some vehicles also require pollen filters and fuel filters (petrol) at certain intervals. 

A JVS Engineer Interim Service: Oil and filter change, front brakes check, steering check, suspension, tyres, top-up all levels, check and fix lights, check and adjust fan belts, fill out and stamp service record book.

  • It is important to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, reliable and economical. 

Regular servicing helps prevent major wear on engines and gives pre-warning of any pending faults such as brake failure or worn tyres which might otherwise go unnoticed. 

When it comes to car servicing, timing belt / cam belt replacement is without doubt the most important serviceable component of a car's engine. If left unchanged and it breaks, it can cause serious damage to your engine! So don't delay, call JVS today on 01556 612183 or 07881 433971 to arrange a cam belt check or to book your car in for a full or interim service.


Did you know...

...even if you bought your car from a dealership, you can still bring it in to us for servicing without affecting your warranty?

Many new car owners mistakenly believe that their warranty will be affected if they don’t go back to the dealership they bought their car from to get it serviced. Often, this means the inconvenience of having to take the car to Dumfries, Carlisle or Ayr and hanging around while it’s being serviced or making arrangements to get back! 

If you live in the Dalbeattie area, we will collect your car, service it, return it to your home and, what's more, your warranty won't be affected. Call JVS Engineer on 01556 612183 for more information.